Ts & C's

I am excited to share my collection with you. All of my designs are designed to be quirky, thoughtful keepsakes to celebrate life’s special occasions. Not only do they recognise major milestones, but they find the little moments equally as important. You’ll recognise many of my ideas from the awkward situations, embarrassing moments and common truths of everyday life.

Your enthusiasm and belief in The Wild Ones and my mission is what keeps me passionate about my ideas. I thank you for the support as The Wild Ones grow and allows me to keep doing what I love the most!


The Nitty Gritty wholesale info:
All prices are in NZD dollars.

Opening order is $200.00 and payment is to be made before stock is sent. Every order after that is a minimum of $100.00 and can be paid on the 20th of the following month. Preferred payment is to be made via internet banking. If payment is not made by the 20th of the following month, a penalty interest fee of 15% per month until paid may occur.

All sales are final. If your order has been damaged during shipment please report it to me as soon as possible.

Depending on available stock this may take up to a week. Estimated time of delivery will be quoted upon order. Shipping is at cost to the retailer and will also be quoted on order.

Our products must be sold in their original packaging. Display is up to the retailer. If you require Point of Sale packaging, please contact me. This is at cost to the retailer.

You are welcome to use any images from any of our social media pages. However you must tag our handles in doing so as this content takes our precious time to create.

By purchasing from The Wild Ones, retailers agree to the terms and conditions stated above.  We reserve the right to stop selling to stores who do not comply.