A Baby shower brunch

My bestie is having a baby (amidst all of the Covid chaos) and luckily we managed to have her baby shower before everything went tits up! Here are some photos of what we did for her. Which is made up of The Wild Ones' products, we have now also added the 'brunch games menu' as part of a package you can buy! Listed below are all the things, and some other info about what you can see!

Get in touch to custom design your baby shower or event! We would love to help x

Cake: The Caker - www.thecaker.co.nz (it was delicious!)

Cake Topper: 'Bye Bye Sleep', by The Wild Ones

Florals: Made by the talented 'The Forager' - the forager.co.nz

Venue: Orphans Kitchen (Auckland) 

Letter banner: Custom made by The Wild Ones

Games Menu: Custom made to suit the 'brunch' theme by The Wild Ones

Welcome board: Made by The Wild Ones

Cookies: Made by The Cookie Supply

Confetti: Available form The Wild Ones


  • Posted by Deane Taljaard on

    I need help with arranging a Baby shower exactly as like your photos. What is the cost? Want to have the same theme and brunch menu? What was the cost to use Orphans?
    Thanks so much

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